Offshore supply & Services



Over the years we have supplied to many off-shore platforms and in return of course to the platform supply vessels (PSV) as well. We see this as an emerging market in which we are and will continue to give our best service to our customers and make sure they have their supplies in shortest time with the highest quality. Our quick response to the customer’s needs in the past has shown and is still showing them that we are a trusted partner to them, who knows how important speed, quality, effectiveness are in the off-shore supply market.
We have supplied many platform and PSV’s in the Red- and Mediterranean Sea. All of which were happy with our responsiveness and the versatility of our services. Our experience as the leading Egyptian maritime supplier in combination with our vast network is allowing us to quote high quality products at a low price, which we are in turn, able to supply within the shortest delivery time among all the maritime suppliers in the region (Mediterranean and Red Sea).
Furthermore, we have proven and were acknowledged for our open-minded and quick approach to quickly changing demands by our customers and the way we handled the supply operation in the exact way that was required for the job at hand. Our customers are more than customers to us. Therefore, we go beyond the standard in the industry to understand their needs and the way that we can achieve their requirements. This consist of, but is not limited to, the general supply for crew and deck, but also the complete arrangement for spare parts from customs and storage to on board delivery.

General Offshore Services :

  • Arranging with local authorities for a smooth movements ( In / Out ) port, by completing formalities & Clearances for frequent port calls .
  • Settle all fees required to be paid to governmental authorities such as ( port dues, quarantine, custom tamkien, pilotage , berthing dues, mooring & Unmooring ) as well as any other port authorities fee including the payment of any deposit require .
  • Arrange of the reception of any marine unit on arrival Egyptian territorial water and coordinate with all authorities (immigration, coast guard, quarantine, port authority) for immediate clearance at working area without any delay.

Logistic Services for personnel :

  • Issue the necessary permit from the Ministry of Maritime Transport for working in the Egyptian Territorial waters.
  • Issue necessary port passes.
  • Issue work permit & residences for foreigners to work in Egypt.
  • Arrange assistance at airports for (staff, crew) & issue entry visa.
  • Assist crew changes for the marine units by arranging  formalities with Immigration & Security.
  • Arrange the dispatching of crew by helicopter from/to drilling rigs at local airports in Egypt ( El Gameel Airport – El Nozha Airport – Red Sea Ports)
  • Hotel reservations at Cairo & other Egyptian ports.
  • Transportation from / to Cairo for crew / staff in late model, reliable, air-conditioned, vehicles.
  • Assist in air travel reservations if desired.

In Addition to getting prior approvals coordinated through:

  • Armed forces , intelligence, security, naval bases, air forces, coast guard.
  • National security
  • Environment authority
  • Group 26
  • Ministry of Maritime Transport
  • Port & Light

We are open to any suggestions to create the best solution for the customer.
Providing services to the Marine and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry and is clearly focused on customer satisfaction and retention . Our Services include chartering of Tug Boats, Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling and Supply Vessels, Accommodation Barges, Flat-top Barges, etc. We also act as agents for all types of Cargo Ships, Tankers and Barges at all Egyptian Ports.

You can give us a call when you need any of the following Units/ Services:-

  • Anchor Handling.
  • Cargo & Jack Up Barge.
  • Crew boat and Utility vessels.
  • Dive support & Cable Laying vessels.
  • Paining Support Vessels.
  • Salvage support.
  • Supply Vessels.
  • Terminal Vessel Management & Shore Base Support.
  • Towing Tugs for Rig Operations.
  • Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Work Boats.