Marine Works

SSMSS became over the years very experienced and more efficient that we have the right tool  and the right staff; just name the job and we will be there happy to make it done.

we are seeking to deliver all kind of the services that any company in Suez canal area can deliver to become One Service Station, here a list of our marine works :-

  • Engine – Electric – Deck Work Shop (Repair & Maintenance).
  • Hold and Tanks Clean.
  • Garbage Collecting &  Disposal.
  • Underwater hull cleaning service
  • Video under Water for Survey & Owner Inspect
  • Lashing & Un-Lashing.
  • Safety Equipment Inspection.
  •  Pumping Out Oily Slops & Sludge.
  • Man Power Out Sourcing.
  • Complete Welding Work Shop.